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My name is Anuschka Anja Stock.

I have a deep enthusiasm and love for photography, and I greatly enjoy meeting and being around people - the idea for my business grew out of these two impulses. My formal education includes business training, a university degree in social work and, most decisively, a training from the Academy of Photography in Cologne (Fotoakademie Köln). It is upon this strong foundation that I have been pursuing my dream career as a photographer for many years.

I received my first camera as a teenager and ever since then I have practiced photography as an art form. I find it endlessly fascinating how something new can arise every time I look through my lens. As a visual person I take pleasure in observing the world, taking in impressions and feelings, and in using them to impart vitality to my pictures.

In my work I am continually motivated and inspired by the challenge and reward of finding and making visible the essential nature, often hidden below the surface, of each human being.

This fascination with trying to capture the right moment so that I might reanimate it harmonically and creatively in visual form points to what my work is ultimately about:

Visualising and making visible the unique beauty and creativity of each human being – a work of art, each and every one of us – makes for a beautiful and living keepsake!